Five Helpful tips to sustain the good health after quitting smoking.

There are several methods to quit smoking. Natural ways to quit smoking has been recommended by many health experts. You can go for laser therapies or consume herbal tea or herbal smoke shop cigarettes nicotine replacement drugs and other non smoking

drugs. Alternatively you can think of attending smoking cessation programs or hypnosis therapy. Whatever be the method you choose certain precautions have to be taken after you quit smoking in order to ensure that your system is absolutely normal.

You must take care of your health very carefully after you quit smoking. If you have any ailment you need to meet your physician and check if it is because of having quit smoking. You also need to keep in mind that you have toiled a lot to get rid of the habit and so greater care should be taken thereafter to ensure that your energy is not wasted.

Some of the tips that are to be followed after quitting smoking are as under:

Work Towards Improving Your Health

You must keep in mind the fact that your health has almost deteriorated by now. Therefore you must work towards recovering them. As a matter of fact you will find that your body is functioning better and so you must work towards improving them relentlessly. Recouping energy will prove to be difficult once you start ageing. Therefore you make catch hold of the opportunity at the earliest to ensure that you don’t repent later.

You will incur lot of benefits if you maintain good health. In some cases it has even been proved that you will be able to get rid of deadly diseases that you would have otherwise been infected with had you stopped smoking. Even if the disease has already spread in your body and if you quit smoking and maintain your health the voracity of the disease can be reduced.

Once you maintain your health and regain the energy the damages done to your lungs, stomach, kidneys, throat, skin and bones will automatically vanish. They won’t go off all on a sudden. They will be eliminated gradually over a period of time. If you work strenuously and practice physical exercises the vigor will be able to quickly fight and drive out the anti oxidants, chemicals and other harmful substances. Natural ways to quit smoking makes you to do them better.

Other Changes

You must avoid the vulnerable points or areas that tempt you to smoke again. Some smokers successfully get rid of the habit by following the standard techniques. However when they come in contact with places mentioned above some of them may resort back to the habit. For e.g. if you happen to blow lot of smokes during parties and get-togethers you can even try to avoid those gatherings unless you are reasonably confident that no external or internal force can make you smoke again. This is not to say this practice should be followed for the lifetime of an individual. You may continue it for a short period say 6 or 9 months. This again depends on the mental make up of the individual and his circumstances.

People with a strong determination will not yield to any temptations. Since this may not be the case with everyone it is better to avoid those places. This might even break the routine that you are accosted to for a very long time. You have to hold up with this temporarily but once you are cent percent confident you can continue your routine. Similarly you should dispose items like cigarette lighters ashtrays and matchsticks (unless they are used in kitchen!).

As soon as you quit smoking, you need to follow certain tips, which would prevent you from smoking there after.

Handle the Temptations Medically

Nicotine concentration in blood is usually high for smokers. Therefore even after quitting the habit successfully there will be lot of inducement to smoke due to nicotine. You will face this problem indefinitely no matter how less or great your addiction is

Therefore you must see to that you take your medicine and food intake has some constituents to replace nicotine for quiet some period until you are confident that your body is able to accept the habit of quitting smoking physically.You can also take acupuncture treatment or take suitable post remedial measures as advised by the physician.

Do Exercises and Consume Herbs and Fat Free Food

You have to do lot of exercises and make sure that your body is resistant to bear the withdrawal symptoms both long and short term. Moreover you may face lot of psychological problems after you quit smoking. Exercises help you to divert the mind. You must also eat lot of herbs and avoid fat free foods as well. This will ensure that your body gets the required amount of nutrients and your health is improved.

You must also do yoga and breathing exercises in the interest of your general health and regularizing your respiratory system respectively. You must consume lots of fresh fruit juices and ensure that you breathe fresh air as much as possible. Above all, do not think of even herbal smoke shops, or taking herbal smoke shop bud products legally again.

Natural ways to quit smoking are not the only option to get rid of the habit. If you have followed the natural ways to quit smoking then you will not have any difficulty in executing the above mentioned tasks. However if you have not followed the natural ways to quit smoking, doing these activities is not going to be impossible, but difficult.

These tips are only a general guideline. It may vary from case to case. Your physician is the best person to judge and advocate the appropriate ones meant for you.

What hazard smoking has in store for pregnancy?

Smoking is known to cause irrevocable losses to a person both physically and mentally. Lot of women, teenage girls and even small girls has the habit of smoking in some parts of the globe. Woman who smoke do not have a control over cigarettes during pregnancy. Pregnant woman smoking implies spoiling her own health. Even their offspring have to suffer for mother’s fault. This is not fair on the child and any one struggling with a smoking, or any other harmful addiction, should seek help before becoming pregnant.

Detrimental Effects of Pregnant Women Smoking

Pregnant women smoking would cause damage in a different manner when compared with others. For the other the damages will be gradual and it will take a couple of months or even ears to know the intensity. But as far as a pregnant woman is considered the damages will take place instantaneously due to the vulnerability of her body. The impact will be immediately felt and many times it may become too late before they can be rectified as the attack spreads very fast. You need to understand clearly “What can smoking do to pregnant women?”

Pregnant woman smoking is likely to risk her life and the life of her offspring. In many cases this happens only if the pregnant woman happens to be a chain smoker or an addictive smoker. In any case the health of the mother and the baby deteriorates. The offspring is also made to suffer due to the mother’s fault. The most common are the new born suffering from respiratory problem and other problems of the lung.

General Weakness

When a pregnant mother smokes harmful chemicals like nicotine is deposited in the food pipe or the tube connecting the mother and the baby. This portion which is referred as placenta does not receive sufficient quantity of oxygen food and water from the mother. As a result the growth of the baby is affected. The baby becomes weak and is also prone to acquire less immunity power.

Birth Related Problems

Smoking can also result in premature birth. The smoke will destroy the sac containing the baby and it will break even before the labor period commences. The mother and the baby is exposed to profuse bleeding .Under these circumstances the gynecologist will have no other option other than resorting to a caesarian surgery. Though it saves their life the general health condition will be weakened. The post natal care will also be tough for the mother and the kid.

Smoking not only affects a pregnant woman but also it reduces the fertility. A woman who smokes is less likely to be pregnant when compared with a woman who does not smoke. As the health of the baby is affected in the mother’s womb the baby also becomes prone to infant mortality deaths. A baby born to a smoking mother is more likely to die when compared with the others. Due to the loss or reduction of immunity power these babies may suffer a lot even for common problems like cold flu and diarrhea. There are many reasons that would affect the body of pregnant women due to continuous smoking

Respiratory and Reproductive Problems

When a pregnant mother smokes the quantum of oxygen that she inhales gets reduced. Similarly, the carbon dioxide will not be fully exhaled from the body. The oxygen will be insufficient to meet a mother’s own needs. A small quantity of oxygen is passed from the mother to the baby. The baby also gets more amount of carbon mono oxide because the entire quantity is not exhaled from her body.

Ultimately both he mother and the child will be breathing poisonous gases like carbon dioxide and will breath less oxygen and suffer from all sorts of respiratory problems.

Pregnant women smoking is risky as well as it damages their reproductive system. Similarly, their child’s reproductive system will also be damaged more intensely. This could as well affect the sex life when the child grows into a big person. The semen count could be reduced in chances of a male. It could even make him impotent. In case of female the ovary and fallopian tubes are intensely damaged. This makes it difficult and at times even impossible to conceive babies.

Perils of Passive Smoking

A baby is also affected by passive smoking. If the husband of the pregnant woman smokes the baby and the mother gets equally affected. Similarly if other persons who visit a pregnant woman smoke the baby can get affected. It is therefore advisable to ask the partners and others to refrain from smoking when they are with the pregnant woman.

Similarly a new born baby’s health is also affected if her father or people around her smoke. Since the baby’s physical system will be very timid the smoke can cause lot of infections. The health of the mother is also affected in the process as they would have already lost a lot of stamina during the birth. So the smoke can cause more harm to them. Any harm caused to the mother will automatically be passed to the baby because as the baby spends most of the time with her mother until she or he is fully grown and consumes her milk through breast feeding in the early stages.

Hereditary Problems

Pregnant woman smoking is considered to be dangerous because she also passes the hereditary diseases to her offspring. No doubt genetic characters right will automatically be inherited at the time the cell formation takes place. When a pregnant woman smokes the repercussions are only greater and the child gets vulnerable to all the hereditary diseases .The risks are comparatively smaller for a woman who does not smoke.

These are some of the effects of smoking on pregnant women and their health hazards for a woman smoking in pregnancy are endless. You should not underestimate or think, “What can smoking do to a pregnant woman”? The earlier a pregnant woman quits smoking the healthier will be her child. Her act is more dangerous when compared to any other woman smoking because it involves two lives.

If a pregnant woman who quits smoking has, nicotine withdrawal symptoms then the same could happen in the case of a newborn child. There is nothing much to panic about this because the baby would have got acquainted to smoke and nicotine addiction while it was in the mother’s womb and so the withdrawal symptoms are only natural.

Brittle Bones – Smoking Could Be The Reason!

Smoking not only harms your body and muscles besides causing deadly diseases but also spoils your bones. Smoking has been identified as one of the primary root cause for osteogenesis imperfecta, a medical term for brittle bones. Smoking makes bones weaker as you get older. Nicotine affects the calcium content in your bones an inevitable element in the functioning and strengthening of bones.

How Smoking Makes Bones Weaker?

When a person inhales cigarette smoke harmful gases and poisonous substances get mixed up in the blood streams all over the body. This automatically affects the flow of oxygen to the blood present in the bones. Bones become weaker after old age and after menopause stage in the case of woman. Smoking not only reduces the strength of bones but also causes back problems. Since the density of bone gets reduced it takes quiet a long time to cure ailments relating to the bone like fracture, sprain and hairline cracks.

Smoking also harms the blood vessels in your body. The blood vessels are reduced in length and diameter. This suppression makes it difficult for the blood vessels to function. As a result of shrinking the blood vessels supply low quantum of blood to parts of the body. Blood carries essential nutrients to aid in the strengthening of bones. Since the blood vessels are suppressed the amount of blood available to the bones and the amount of nutrients carried by blood decreases drastically.

Bones are an important part of human body. It helps in discharging strenuous and hard manual labor. Even if a person smokes when he is undergoing a treatment for fracture or a wound in the bone he is likely to suffer. Since bones are present all over the body like flesh the infections could take place in a quick span of time and delay the time of his recovery as smoking and bones are interrelated.

Bone Treatment For Smokers

A person who undergoes a treatment to his bones suffers a lot. By and large recovery from bone problems takes a larger time when compared with other injuries. Even the most serious injuries of the heart, brain stomach and other sensitive organs are cured in a lesser span of time. Once the problem is recovered it does not take long for the particular organ to recover. The simple reason being that muscles are flexible and unlike bones. Therefore persons suffering from bone related injuries have to be hospitalized for months or even years as the case may be and depending on the gravity of the injury and the type of bones affected. This obviously means that smoking bones will make patients to stay for a long time in the hospital

Other Side Effects

Smoking also damages your disc and restricts the expansion of bone cells. Since bone cells are not growing in the right time the existing bones get weaker and weaker. Once they become too weak to exist they may even break sans any new ones to replace them. After a period of time the smoker is likely to suffer from side effects like vertebral disc generation, weak spiral ligaments, bone fusion in fractures, hip and wrist fracture. These may not only prove to be challenges in surgical procedures but may even make the physician recommend that the person is not fit or safe enough to undergo the proposed bone surgery as smoking and bones are inter-related.

If you wish to strengthen your bones you have to restrict the consumption of alcohol. You need to do lot of exercises and be careful while climbing so that you don’t fall or succumb to injuries to your bone. Above all you must quit the habit of smoking as smoking makes bones weaker. You can follow the standard methods to quit smoking or undertake therapies either natural or herbal. If not you will finally end up with smoking the bone.